About isen.com
Isen.com, LLC is a decidedly independent telecom analysis firm based in Cos Cob, CT. David S. Isenberg, isen.com's founder, spent 12 years at AT&T Bell Labs, where he was recognized as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, until his 1997 essay,"The Rise of the Stupid Network," was received with acclaim everywhere in the global telecommunications community with one exception -- at AT&T itself! So Isenberg left AT&T in 1998 to found isen.com, LLC (an independent telecom analysis firm based in Cos Cob, Connecticut), to publish The SMART Letter, an open- minded commentary on the communications revolution and its enemies, and to blog at http://isen.com/blog Today, Isenberg is a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

About pulvermedia
pulvermedia is the leading integrated media company, building communities and providing ready marketplace access through its unparalleled blend of trade shows, publications, web channels, and progressive cutting-edge media. And as the foremost integrated media services company, pulvermedia is ideally poised to deliver a vast range of messages to a wide variety of audiences, including technology buyers and sellers, government regulators, industry analysts, luminaries, pundits and bloggers.