R.I.P. Aaron Swartz (1986-2013)

Original thinker, advocate for justice and humane values, data architect, programmer, friend.

This year's F2C: Freedom to Connect is dedicated to the work Aaron still had left to do.

Here is a great interview by Ben Caspi who interviewed Aaron for his movie project entitled, War for the Web, filmed July 10, 2012


Aaron's speech last year at F2C: Freedom to Connect may have been his last public speech. Democracy Now did the main part of its program yesterday on Aaron's life, including his entire F2C speech. Here's that Democracy Now episode in entirety.


[The great video work at F2C 2012 was sponsored by ISOC-NY and done by Joly McFie, who deserves credit and our thanks for (a) for putting out the YouTube videos of each F2C 2012 session and (b) scrambling to make higher-quality footage of Aaron's speech available to Democracy Now. Thanks Joly!]